What do YOU want to hear or talk about??

Good morning all,

I love to write - I always have and I think I always will. Whether it is writing online articles related to our industry, or writing protocols or ICFs, or writing in my journal. Putting “pen to paper” allows the mind to gather the widely different but critically interlinked thoughts into a coherent whole - - - not unlike gathering all the animals onto the ark, conducting an orchestra, or performing intricate surgery with many medical specialties gathered around.

What do you like to read, think, talk or write about? I would love to address those ideas here. Or - have you ever wanted to express your thoughts and expertise in our industry but did not know where or how to start?

If so please let me know: audrey@arossowconsulting.com. I am here to help because I love it - not for material or professional gain. Have a lovely and productive day!